Safescan 50 & 70


Safescan 50 & 70

Every modern bill has integrated UV security features that only show up under ultraviolet light at a certain frequency. The Safescan 70 is designed specifically to help you verify these features and identify potentially counterfeit bills.

The Safescan 70 not only reveals the integrated UV security features in modern bills; it also instantly illuminates the UV security features built into today’s credit cards, passports and other ID documents, as well as UV ink applied to protect valuable items from theft or confirm event admission.

The Safescan 70’s ingenious “warm- start” technology triples the UV bulb’s usual lifetime while reducing energy use. When you turn on the device, an intelligent system preheats the bulb’s electrodes, enabling the bulb to be switched on and off without reducing its useful life. Ideal for high-frequency operation.

No need to dim the surroundings or add extra UV sources: the Safescan 70’s unique integrated reflector nearly doubles the amount of UV light that reaches the bill or ID card, giving you the best possible view of its UV security features.

To provide comprehensive manual counterfeit detection, the Safescan 70 has a convenient integrated white-light area to help you visually identify the metallic thread, watermarks and microprint built into modern bills. Featuring 16 powerful yet energy-efficient LEDs, the backlight area clearly illuminates these bill security features for fast, easy identification.

No more wasted bulb life or time spent flicking switches: the Safescan 70 features a motion sensor that automatically puts the device in standby after 10 seconds. Simply place a new bill or ID card over the sensor and the Safescan 70 automatically powers back up, making full use of its “warm- start” bulb technology.

We designed the Safescan 70 with countertop use in mind. Its compact size takes up a minimum of space beside your register, and its sleek look complements every business interior.

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