Productfilm Telecom Soft Arrival


Productfilm Telecom Soft Arrival

The automated soft arrival system distributes medicines from a central point to multiple distribution points. At the send station, a user or robot fills the station from above, which in turn fills the open carrier and sends it to a distribution point. At the receiving station, the carrier drops the medicines in a soft delivery area and goes back automatically.

A well-designed and balanced system will save the hospital a substantial amount of money, year after year. However, specifying a pneumatic tube system, or collecting the requirements for a system, is not easy without experience and a structured approach. Working with Telecom and their local Certified Dealers means you take advantage of over 40 year experience in designing and installing systems especially for hospitals. We understand your organization processes and internal logistics.


Category: Product

CHALLENGES: Animation, motion graphics and post

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Audio
  • Grip
  • Director
  • Making of

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