Product video Solis Barista Pro 114


Product video Solis Barista Pro 114

This amazing espresso machine with integrated grinder prepares every espresso with the right amount of freshly ground coffee. Solis Barista Espresso Machine Pro is newly designed, compact and practical. The integrated coffeegrinder is conical and ensures with the adjustable grinding degree for exactly the right coffee for your delicious fresh espesso. The bean container with 200 grams, large enough for about 25 fresh espressos. The machine can be precisely adjusted to dispence the correct amount.The pre-perculationfunction sprinkles the freshly ground coffee with a little hot water for even more flavour.

The beautiful pressuregauge indicates the pressure at which the high-pressure pump pushes the water through the coffee in the filter holder. Adjust the amount of coffee that is required for your cuppa. Within a minute you make from fresh coffeebean a delicious espresso. You also create the Solis Baristo Pro freshly frothed milk for your latte macchiato or cappuccino. The Auto Purge system then automatically cleans the steamer after steaming. Ideal for the real cappuccino lovers. The SOLIS Barista Pro a large plate for warming cups and white LED lights around the buttons and into the reservoir. A real asset to any home barista.

About Solis

SOLIS was founded by Dr. W. Schaufelberger in 1908. He constructed the famous SOLIS heating pad and brought it onto the market at the beginning of the twentieth century. The construction of a worldwide ground breaking range of professional hair dryers followed and in 1933 hairdryer production began in Zurich. ‘Swiss Made’ – there was growing interest in SOLIS products all over the world.

Subsequently in 1943, the production was relocated to the south of Switzerland to Mendrisio. The export efforts in the area of hairdryers have paid off. Since the fifties, SOLIS products have been available on the American market and in 1971 SOLIS hairdryers were introduced into hairdressing salons in Japan. Today SOLIS export their professional hairdryers to over 40 countries.

The entrepreneur Willi A. Nauer took over SOLIS AG in 1983 and built it up to the SOLIS group. His son Thomas Nauer will take over the company in the foreseeable future. Nowadays, SOLIS is organised in 3 strategic business divisions: Hospitality, Professional and Home.


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