Product video Magimix La Turbine a Glace


Product video Magimix La Turbine a Glace

Compact and simple to use, La Turbine à Glace allows you to make delicious homemade ice cream from just 20-30 minutes.

This machine has a timer, which is handy, and a very useful handle for moving the heavy machine. The paddle automatically disengages when the ice cream has reached optimum consistency. This machine produced well-mixed, soft ice cream with creamy textures. The yoghurt ice cream was made in a much faster time than the other machines and the consistency was firm and even-textured. The self-cooling function worked well – no pre-freezing is required, so it churns ice cream as soon as you switch it on. It has an easy set up process and there aren’t many fiddly parts to fit together – you just fix the bowl and lid in place. Dismantling for cleaning was also very easy.


Category: Product

CHALLENGES: Logo and product animaties, making of photography

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