Product video Bosch Pack Feeder 4


Product video Bosch Pack Feeder 4

This product video shows the Bosch Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper and the Bosch Packfeeder 4 indeed system.

The Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper combines proven technology and application know-how from Bosch Packaging Technology companies around the world, making it truly a best-in-class machine. It marks the next generation of Bosch packaging machines that are available globally and supported locally.

New features on the Pack 401 flow wrapper provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency. The latest technology in gap control results in consistent and precise seal integrity. A standard dual spindle backstand with power feed roller allows for full automation, providing improved splicing, cutting, auto tracking and tight cut offs.

The Pack 401 flow wrapper can operate as an independent unit or can be integrated with other packaging systems such as Delta-robotics, secondary packaging equipment, product handling equipment, and various infeed modules.

Part of the Module++ line is the low-pressure Bosch Pack Feeder 4 infeed system that gently handles delicate items such as biscuits, chocolate, cakes and bar-type products. The product stacking and collating unit (PSC) in place adds a flexible and gentle solution to create stacks in-line. The line features sophisticated product inspection to detect and reject misaligned products and ensures high package quality.

In this product video the Bosch Pack Feeder 4 will be displayed in combination with the Bosch Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper, which efficiently creates high quality packages. The new modular Paloma D3 feed placer and top loader – featuring the latest GD series Delta robot – which can be easily integrated with primary and secondary packaging machines, top loads these packages into boxes. Displayed with two Delta robots, the highly versatile Paloma D3 platform is designed to efficiently handle a wide variety of applications at a reduced cost-per-pick ratio. The modular and open design also simplifies operation, cleaning and changeovers, allowing manufacturers to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

CUSTOMER: Bosch Packaging Technology

Category: Product

CHALLENGES: Production, post production and motion graphics

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
    Sony HDW-750P XDCAM HD
  • Lenses
    Canon HD 11×4.5, Fujinon HD 17 / 22x 7.6 Tele Lens
  • Audio
  • Grip
    Eurogrip laptop dolly op rails, Sony ENG monitor
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