Instructional video Qibbel front seat


Instructional video Qibbel front seat

Qibbel bicycle seats for safe cycling. It's been wonderful to move together as parent and child and bike to explore the surroundings, but it is quite nice when this can completely carefree.

Create a traditional, trendy or totally summer bicycle seat. Wide choice of colours in water-repellent cushions with matching armrests and foot straps. Styling sets are available for both the front seat and the back seat. Matching windshield is also available for the front seat.

Instructional film Qibbel front seat

For the Qibbel front seat Mamascreen produced the instructional film. The instructional film of the Qibbel front seat is about how to mount the Qibbel front seat in the right position at the steer of the bicycle. The instructional film will explain in an easy and clear way the Qibbel front seat mounting instructions.

The front seat is extra spacious to accommodate the height and weight of today's children. The seat shell consists of a strong sandwich construction, a combination of plastic and metal for added robustness. The upholstery of the Qibbel seat is available in a wide choice of colours and designs. The front seat is suitable for children from 9 months to 3 years or weighing up to 15 kg. The seat is adjustable so that your child is safe and comfortable at all times.

A matching windshield is available in the same design as the seat. To make the bike ride even more enjoyable, a special toy bar is also available.

To ensure the comfort and safety of your child at all times, the seat can be adjusted in a number of areas to your child's height and weight. The safety belt system can easily be adjusted to fit snugly over your child's shoulder. The belt itself is adjustable to ensure a proper fit. The belt system features a safe three-point fastening system. The footrests can also be adjusted quickly and easily, without tools, to your child's size.


Category: Various

CHALLENGES: Production, post and motion graphics

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
    Sony PDW 700 XDCAM HD
  • Lenses
    Canon HD 11×4.5, Fujinon HD 17 / 22x 7.6 Tele Lens
  • Audio
  • Grip
    Eurogrip laptop dolly op rails, Sony ENG monitor
  • Director
  • Making of

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