Leader Red Square Film


Leader Red Square Film

Wiljan Roelofs is the owner of Red Square Film and at the same time Director of Good Relationships. In the past he was a shareholder of Excalibur Benelux, Still Entertainment, Domestic Film Corporation and Boxzz Screen Entertainment. Wiljan also was the founder of these companies.

In 1998 his greatest challenge was to create a new innovative and controversial Benelux independent company that would rock the foundations of the entertainment market. Out of his vision the company Dutch Filmworks was born. After 9 successful and prosperous years Wiljan decided to sell his shares and start new adventures.

In this period he worked, behind the scenes, as a consultant for Benelux Film Distributors. As a consultant Wiljan came across a lot of interesting and beautiful catalogues. Because of the digital revolution Wiljan saw new opportunities and possibilities in the entertainment market.

To cut a long story short: Wiljan yet founded a new, innovative and maybe controversial company named: Red Square Film.

KLANT: Effiecient

Categorie: Animatie

UITDAGINGEN: Ontwerp, animatie en visual effects

Extras: Achter de schermen

  • Camera
  • Lenzen
  • Audio
  • Grip
  • Regie
  • Achter de schermen

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