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  • 23-05-2022
    Power to predict
    A look into the future can sometimes be very useful. Especially in this case! For Bosch security and safety systems, we produced two videos in collaboration with ARA and Bovil. These videos are part of a worldwide campaign.
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  • 04-05-2022
    Targets and challenges needed
    It is always a surprise where the Top Partner of Rotterdam Top Sport is taken to meet a top athlete. This time André van Rheenen of Kalfsbeek BMW will be squashing with Joeri Hapers.
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  • 21-04-2022
    Olympic athletes about their city Rotterdam
    In assignment of Rotterdam Topsport we made a video with Rotterdam top athletes. At their farewell party to the Tokyo Olympics they told about their love for their city Rotterdam.
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  • 17-03-2022
    A safe work environment
    For bofrost* we made instructional videos by means of animations. With this, bofrost* wants to inform their employees internally about various safety issues that may arise on the shop floor but also outside of it. Bofrost* is European market leader in the door-to-door sale of fresh frozen products.
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  • 18-02-2022
    Someone with experience who can really help
    For the Vervangingsfonds Participatiefonds, Mamascreen made a video about mentor on the job. The mentor on the job provides guidance to a new teacher who is standing in front of a classroom for the first time (since a long time). It is someone with experience who knows the pitfalls and tips & tricks.
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  • 16-02-2022
    No sleepless nights, but short nights
    It is always a surprise where the Top Partner of Rotterdam Topsport is taken to meet the top athlete. Will it be hanging on the rings in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam, will it be hitting a ball at Seve or at HC Rotterdam?
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  • 11-02-2022
    A smaller district in a larger one
    We were also asked to make the videos for the award ceremony of the Job Dura Prize 2020, which will be held in 2021. In the meantime, the beautiful project Little C has been declared the winner of the prize! The project brings together three influences: the informal urbanity of The Village in New York, the brick buildings in Rotterdam from just before the Second World War, and the old Berlin courtyards.
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  • 02-02-2022
    A project with commitment
    We hebben de video’s gemaakt voor de uitreiking van de Job Dura prijs 2020. CPO project Overmaas was een van de genomineerden. Overmaas is een project waarbij er 64 bijzondere woningen zijn ontworpen en gerealiseerd, verspreid over 3 projecten: Overture, Overtuin en Overmaat. Het Collectief Particulier Partnerschap zorgt voor grote betrokkenheid van de toekomstige bewoners met elkaar en hun buurt.
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  • 28-01-2022
    What does it take to score?
    It is always a surprise where the Toppartner of Rotterdam Topsport is taken to meet the top athlete. Will it be the centre spot of Feyenoord, will it be playing golf at Seve or will it be rowing on the Willem-Alexander Baan?
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