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  • 23-07-2021
    The spot for the medal has already been cleared
    Losing the title at the World Championships was a nightmare, but Nouchka Fontijn is looking forward to the future. And that future is in Tokyo. She would love to come home with a medal and she has already made a reservation, but it will be difficult.
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  • 16-06-2021
    Paris is still far away, but Rotterdam is getting closer!
    My dream, my goal, my Tour is the motto with which Rotterdam wants to organise the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in 2024 or 2025. The bid book was handed over to Tour Director Christian Prudhomme at the City Hall in early May.
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  • 11-06-2021
    Mamascreen puts the gerberas outside
    The 'Gerbera always surprises' campaign is a great success! Mamascreen was commissioned by Vandeez to produce the commercial at the heart of this international campaign by Dutch Gerbera growers.
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  • 11-11-2020
    Be a buddy, no bully!
    Mamascreen produced the tv commercial for the joint anti-bullying campaign of Stop Bullying Now Foundation and Cartoon Network. The campaign started at the end of August, so you may have already seen the national commercial. Radio DJ Fernando Halman is the new ambassador for this campaign.
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  • 02-10-2020
    Job chose Mamascreen for his second internship
    Job started his first internship at Mamascreen in January. He has now started his second internship and he is also doing this with us. He likes to explain himself why he chose for Mamascreen again.this.
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  • 19-03-2020
    Diegomar Markwell on his way to Tokyo
    Diegomar Markwell on his way to Tokyo. For this professional baseball player in the Kingdom Team, we produced, on behalf of Rotterdam Topsport, this mini docu. For this documentary we dived in the training center for baseball players in Rotterdam.
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  • 18-03-2020
    Lucinda Brand mini docu
    For Rotterdam Topsport, Mamascreen produced the mini docu of the road cyclist Lucinda Brand. As a top athlete from Rotterdam, for Rotterdam Topsport it had to be a really cool Rotterdam film. We did it and it was awesome!
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  • 16-03-2020
    COVID-19 production updates
    In these uncertain times we face with the COVID-19 crisis unfolding around us, Mamascreen is committed to not only serving our clients to the best of our ability, but taking measures to keep our staff healthy and safe.
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  • 01-03-2020
    Interview Maarten Bun with Rijnmond Filmrol
    Rijnmond Filmrol will be broadcast on Rijnmond from the beginning of February. In this program, regional filmmakers speak to talk about their most recent production. Our own Maarten was interviewed in the broadcast of 1 March.
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