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Founded in 2007 by Marcel Morcus and Maarten Bun, Mamascreen is a production company serving the international corporate, commercial production, broadcast and motion picture industries. Mamascreen has created many corporate films, commercials and animations worldwide. Mamascreen has set the standard for film, animation and visual effects, creating stunning images of the clients needs. Mamscreen develops and reinvent the way stories are told and experienced. With their partners, clients and audiences like never before. Their pioneering spirit inspire storytellers and technical artists to improvise, innovate and imagine new solutions of storytelling.

Everyone at Mamascreen love to produce creative motion pictures, documentary, corporate video, commercials, animations and visual effects for all kind of businesses, brands and agencies. Mamascreen work with passionate professionals and high-end equipment to maximize the unlimited potential of video and animation. They can shoot in any location with every equipment. Locally, nationally, globally. Whether you need creative video, strategy, script development, pre-production, filming, post-production, visual effects, promotion and analysis, Mamascreen will take care of everything, start to finish.


An inventory of the ideas we had for our product videos, along with Mamascreen went fine. Together we came to a good script, which eventually led to a video that was completely what we wishes. Also interim adjustments and 'change of course' with Mamascreen easy to discuss. In short; a satisfied customer.
Steven van der Pas,Smit Visual Supplies
Mamascreen produces already for a few years the promo films of the Maassluise Film Festival. Their professional approach and thinking concludes every year for a creative and qualitative promo. The promo film is very important for us because it should give an unforgettable impressions for every visitor. They are also responsible for visualising the programming of the event. This is every year a positive surprise. Mamascreen knows to fill every year again our satisfaction with the promo films. When you need quality, Mamascreen is the right partner!
Guus Paalvast,Jopa Events
Mamascreen has made for us different corporate films. In consultation is pre-determined the script and clearly discussed what the message of the corporate films should be. Good preparation winning half the battle, because the whole production was quite quickly done. We are pleased with the results and recommend this Mamascreen wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a good corporate video.
Pieter van den Berg,12GO Biking / 12GO Trading
Mamascreen made for our young company 22 Pilot Recruitment a nice corporate film. They can empathize with the customer's wishes. The internal communication at Mamascreen work very well. Recommended to work with Mamascreen.
Sylvia Govers,22 Pilot Recruitment
As a starting entrepreneur I was looking for an another way to make our company visible. Mamascreen did this very successful. The result is a unique, beautiful and special cinematic trailer that has attracted much attention and was very well received by our customers and prospects.
Peter Tjia,BCom Safe and Secure