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Founded in 2007 by Marcel Morcus and Maarten Bun, Mamascreen is a production company serving the international corporate, commercial production, broadcast and motion picture industries. Mamascreen has created many corporate films, commercials and animations worldwide. Mamascreen has set the standard for film, animation and visual effects, creating stunning images of the clients needs. Mamscreen develops and reinvent the way stories are told and experienced. With their partners, clients and audiences like never before. Their pioneering spirit inspire storytellers and technical artists to improvise, innovate and imagine new solutions of storytelling.

Everyone at Mamascreen love to produce creative motion pictures, documentary, corporate video, commercials, animations and visual effects for all kind of businesses, brands and agencies. Mamascreen work with passionate professionals and high-end equipment to maximize the unlimited potential of video and animation. They can shoot in any location with every equipment. Locally, nationally, globally. Whether you need creative video, strategy, script development, pre-production, filming, post-production, visual effects, promotion and analysis, Mamascreen will take care of everything, start to finish.


Mamascreen has created several corporate films for us. Partly due their creative input and professional approach we are very satisfied with the final result. It's nice to work with the dedicated people of Mamascreen, especially their personal approach. Mamascreen visualize your ideas and convert ideas to living images. Maarten and Marcel, thanks.
Georges Kneppers,Hijbeko B.V.
We are very pleased to work with Mamascreen. After a number of assignments they have shown that quality and efficiency at Mamascreen are normal. A very good basis for a long-term cooperation!
Christiaan Rebel,Audiovisueel Bedrijf Nederland
My family and I were very impressed and inspired by the film that Mamascreen produced about our grandfather KP van der Mandele. Specially the occasion of the medal named after him. Thru this way we want - and with this small token of our gratitude - to thank you for this contribution to a very successful evening with the message of our grandfather. Now we can also share his successes with a wider society. I hope te meet you and your colleagues ever again and to be able to enjoy one of your special films!
G.K. van der Mandele,Van der Mandele Stichting
We are very pleased with the video production which Mamascreen has provided for CCLI. We use this video for presentations, exhibitions, etc. It helps us to give our organization a contemporary and professional face. Mamascreen is helpful, fast and professional.
Marcel Broekman,CCLI Benelux
Mamascreen is a creative, young company with innovative types of design. For our big musical productions they organize successfully the entire audiovisual design for us.
Rick van Dijk,Experience Island