Productfilm Telecom Leak Proof Carrier


Productfilm Telecom Leak Proof Carrier

Developed in collaboration with the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the concept of the Automated Lab System is based on maximum user efficiency and maximum capacity. The system requires minimal effort to operate, thereby maximizing the user friendliness and preventing crucial user mistakes.

Telecom developed a leak-proof carrier for impotent transports including liquid samples like blood, urine and tissue samples. The leak-proof carrier is certified by a notified body (TNO). The carrier is specially designed so it can only be sent in the system when properly closed. They ensures a carrier cannot open during transfer. One side of the carrier is provided with a special leak-proof swivel lid and the other site it is permanent closed. The carrier is made from impact resistant and fixed shape plastic. The middle body is transparant and enables the user to check the content for spillage before safely opening the carrier. The special soft transfer rings are also moist resistant.

This high capacity Automated Lab System is used to transfer blood samples between sampling room and laboratory. Blood samples are sent in special purpose carriers, Leak-Proof and air pressure balanced, that are fully automatic opened and closed. In the sampling room an open carrier is always available, even shortly after sending. At the lab, empty carriers are recognized and automatically closed and sent back.

Although Telecom has a strong focus on Healthcare, a Telecom pneumatic tube system can be used in many applications, ranging from a hospital, laboratory, bank, supermarket, retail, distribution center, warehouse facility to a toll plaza or industrial manufacturing plant.


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