Corporate video Kubo


Corporate video Kubo

The future of greenhouses is Blue. That is the theme of the corporate video of Kubo. The corporate video of Kubo is the story behind Kubo, the world of greenhouses and the furore. Smart concepts and innovations for greenhouses, cause that;s wat Kubo does. The production of the corporate video of Kubo is based on stockfootage (video and photos) and their of footage. The script is written by Wubbe and post production, animations and motion graphics are produced by Mamascreen. Because Kubo operates international we produced in Dutch, French, English, Spanish, German, Turkish and Russian.

At Kubo, they can look back on 70 years of greenhouse horticulture. Kubo is a family business with a stable base, currently run by the third generation. They look to the future and new developments, like they have always done, supported by the knowledge and experience that they have accumulated over the years. Today, Kubo is a worldwide front-runner in the construction of sustainable, closed greenhouses. Their own research and development have driven unique innovations such as the Ultra Clima® greenhouse. They constantly invest in innovation and improvement; not just of entire greenhouse concepts, but also of façades, glazing bars with rubber, and gutters. This sets Kubo apart, both in innovative projects and in conventional greenhouses.

An important part of the coporate video of Kubo is the Ultra-Clima kas. Using the right technology, at Kubo they can solve the major challenge of producing enough food to feed the world. Kubo is constantly developing new technologies to do this, including the Ultra-Clima®. This now proven concept solves many of these problems and satisfies all of today’s requirements: higher production, maximum food safety, year-round production of high quality, minimal energy consumption, optimal water consumption, minimal CO2 emissions and, not insignificantly, a better return.


Category: Corporate

CHALLENGES: Production based on stock footage en motion graphics

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Audio
  • Grip
  • Director
  • Making of

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