Corporate trailer East Total Logistics


Corporate trailer East Total Logistics

The past decade the logistic business has grown from a business connection to a competitive instrument of business.

The corporate trailer of East Total Logistics shows that the company is an independent global freight forwarder with headquarters in Rotterdam and serving all countries in the world via air and ocean. The corporate trailer is based on stock footage, filled with our exciting motion graphics and completed with a native trailer voice over and soundtrack.

East Total Logistics is recognized as one of the most innovative logistic companies in the market with a remarkable quality standard and competitiveness. East Total Logistics is a privately owned company with Rotterdam as base for all daily operations. The owners are part of the day to day management which means dedication to your shipments.

Across Europe they have joint ventures with selected key-hub partners with the same philosophy as their company. By recognizing that logistics has become a valuable asset for competitive companies, their company continue to grow their corporate identity, market share and partnerships around the world. Each East Total member in their our company understands the responsibility in being a valuable asset for our customers, global partners and suppliers.

CUSTOMER: East Total Logistics

Category: Corporate

CHALLENGES: Production based on stock footage en motion graphics

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Audio
  • Grip
  • Director
  • Making of

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