Corporate animation Cinet


Corporate animation Cinet

CINET, the International Committee of Textile Care, is an international umbrella organisation pooling national associations, research institutes, international suppliers and individual companies in PTC.

CINET, the International Committee of Professional Textile Care, is the umbrella association pooling national organizations for the professional textile care industry.

The mission statement of Cinet is to be a well-structured, strong and reputed international umbrella organisation for the global professional textile care industry to consumer and business-to-business applications. The Cinet objectives are: Representation of the professional textile care industry, organize a network of business experts to improve information exchange, stimulate innovation and best practices in sustainable processing, profiling and promoting the interests of the industry, specifically with regard to environmental, technical, marketing, welfare, tax, laws and regulation issues and design and execute projects and activities to promote the industry

The General Assembly convenes once a year. International events (fairs, conventions etc.) are preferential places and periods for holding General Assemblies. The General Assembly is a forum where committees and working groups report on their previous year’s activities. Also CINET liaison officers report on trends and developments and delegates exchange information on significant events in their own countries. Additionally CINET invites esteemed speakers - scientists, technicians or marketing experts - who contribute expert knowledge and advice on selected topics, and exchange views with members.


Category: Animation

CHALLENGES: Animation and motion graphics

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Audio
  • Grip
  • Director
  • Making of

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