Animation installation transition pieces


Animation installation transition pieces

The TFliner is a vessel designed for the specific task of installing foundations for offshore wind turbines. The TFlinerXL is a larger version of the TPliner3800. The additional length offers the advantage of being able to install even the biggest monopiles that are currently being used in the industry. The vessel features active roll reduction which, combined with a motion compensated crane, gives the vessel a good operability while the vessel remains on DP. The unique hull shape of the vessel allows the roll reduction to have a constant effect over a large range of draughts. From this stable platform, monopile foundations, transition pieces as well as jacket type foundations can be installed while the vessel remains in floating condition.

In its basic configuration the vessel can do installation of transition pieces of up to 300t. The main crane has sufficient capacity to lift the transition pieces from the deck onto the monopole. Below deck there is ample space for the grouting equipment in a well protected environment.

The TF liner XL is a versatile platform that can be configured for a number of different tasks. For instance the vessel can be configured for: cable lay, reel lay and project transport. The vessel’s basic layout with a large open deck, DP capabilities, good transit speed, favorable motion characteristics and large capacity accommodation block make it very suitable for a wide range of tasks.

CUSTOMER: Dutch Offshore Innovators

Category: Animation

CHALLENGES: Production animation and motion graphics

Extras: Making of

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Audio
  • Grip
  • Director
  • Making of

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