Animation Installing Monopile Foundation


Animation Installing Monopile Foundation

The TFliner is a vessel designed for the specific task of installing foundations for offshore wind turbines. Various types of foundations can be installed with the vessel. Foundation pieces are carried as cargo on the open deck of the vessel. It’s relatively high transit speed guarantees a short turnaround time.

The vessel has been designed to do the installation while the vessel is free floating, being kept in position by the DP-2 dynamic positioning system. As an option, the vessel can be equipped with a 4-point mooring system. Motions of the vessel are being reduced by an active roll reduction system, while the remaining movements at the crane tip are being compensated by a hydraulic motion compensator.

With added equipment the vessel can be deployed to do installation of monopile foundations of up to 75m in length and about 900t in weight. The monopiles will be moved over deck by means of rollers and translators. This equipment is commonly used in the offshore pipelaying industry. Upending of the monopile will be done using an upending tool, assisted by the main crane. The shipboard crane has sufficient capacity to lift a large piling hammer.

The TF liner XL is a versatile platform that can be configured for a number of different tasks. For instance the vessel can be configured for: cable lay, reel lay and project transport. The vessel’s basic layout with a large open deck, DP capabilities, good transit speed, favorable motion characteristics and large capacity accommodation block make it very suitable for a wide range of tasks.

CUSTOMER: Dutch Offshore Innovators

Category: Animation

CHALLENGES: Production animation and motion graphics

Extras: Making of

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